Daddy's day!


To celebrate Daddy's Day, students of Pre-school have learned a song in English, they made a present to hang in their fathers' car and each course decorated a card.

At the exit, all the parents came into the classrooms to receive their gifts and hear the song dedicated to them.

You can see the photos here.


Pass to see the circus


The Carnival´s topic of this course in Pre-school began with a letter we received from the town council inviting us to join the schoolar parade by the downtown Jaén.

In that moment, our project on the CIRCUS started. We had to research the characters, the music, the art... Everything in order to dive into the circus atmosphere.

Thus, our classes and the whole school has become in an authentic real circus.

Would you like to visit it?

This is the image gallery.


Carnival 2015

¡Bienvenidos al circo!

Los alumnos de 1º y 2º de Primaria han trabajado el tema del circo para el carnaval. Ellos han investigado sobre los  animales y trabajadores del circo.

Welcome to the circus!

The 1st and 2nd Primary students have worked the circus topic for Carnival. They have investigated about the animals and workers of circus.



Peace Day


Last Friday our primary students were working about peace day. Students were talking it means to them this day and we tried to collect different words related to this day. When we completed the activity, they drew some words and pigeons and they did a brainstorming on this important day. This activity was fun for our students because they could understand that peace is and how important it is to live it every day.


The Three Wise Men 2014

The Three Wise Men1st and 2nd Primary level students prepared the visit of the Three Wise Men. They had made a mural about the Three Wise Men. Later, they wrote a letter to them. Every student has left his letter in their favorite wise man’s mailbox.


Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2014Los alumnos de Segundo de primaria os desea FELIZ NAVIDAD.

The 2nd Primary level students your wish a very Merry Christmas


Halloween´s day!

After the visit of the Halloween´s characters, our students were working all week about this festivity, looking for information, making costumes, making murals...

During the day, they had several surprises as they were a passage of Halloween where students that dressed up as witches, vampires and other characters told stories and we did different games.



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