Nuestro terrarioThe students of the fifth grade of primary education have elaborated very originally different terrariums for the area of social science. With that task we have learned the importance of taking care of our natural environments, since this represents a tiny portion of nature. This activity is an educational tool to learn more about our ecosystems, take good care of them and appreciate the nature around us.


Visita al teatro - La ratita presumida

Visita al teatroTHE VAIN LITTLE MOUSE!

The children from infant education and the first cycle of primary education have gone on an excursion to the darymelia theatre to see the fantastic stage play in english: “the vain little mouse!”  A very lively play about a classic folk tale, where the children have been able to learn a lot of vocabulary thanks to the dialogues and songs. It has been a very interesting and fun trip.


Saint Patrick's day 2017

Saint Patrick's dayHappy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017!

On Friday 17th we celebrated with our students the day of St. Patrick, so famous in Ireland.

In Pre-school we learned through videos and flashcards this festivity and its vocabulary. Also we made a nice drawing of the Elf.

Primary students have researched the celebration and have done work on the symbols themselves: the clover, the Elf, the coins .... They have also made a healthy breakfast forming the rainbow.

We show you the photos. We hope you like them.



Today we have celebrated a very special day: father`s day. For this special occasion, we have decorated a mug, with a lot of kindness, love and creativity. This special mug, which we have decorated with hearts, flowers, beautiful messages and drawings of daddy and me, symbolizes our love. This great mug is accompanied by cards in which we have expressed our feelings for our parents. The kids have sung a song for their dads. We wish that you have been pleasantly surprised by our gifts of love. Congratulations!


Día de la Paz 2017

Día de la PazLos alumnos de infantil y primaria con motivo del día de la paz han elaborado un mural todos juntos. Han trabajado distintas actividades para conocer los valores que hacen posible la paz. Cada alumno ha pintado con su huella del dedo la paloma con diferentes colores. Además, han colocado distintas palabras alrededor de ella: tolerancia, respeto, libertad, soñar, compartir, amar… De esta manera todos dejan su huella a favor de la paz. Queremos una escuela de paz y no violencia.

Feliz día de la paz.

Entre todos lo conseguiremos.


Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!

Last Monday, 31st October, we have celebrated a traditional party for us all at school: Halloween!

All boys and girls studying in our school have taken part in the following way: Children in Nursery Education with original costumes of black cats, children in Primary Education with the production and embellishment of monstrous bags and students in Secondary Education with the preparation of a “passage of terror” along with dances and theatre plays.

With this party, we have experienced many feelings such as fear and happiness.

We invite you to see the photographs related to this Halloween celebration in our school.



Halloween (4th ESO)

4th ESO HalloweenOur 4th of ESO students have prepared a surprise for the little students of the school to celebrate Halloween. Disguised as spooky characters, they asked their partners to take part in a quest to find typical elements of this celebration. They learnt about the traditions of this day and at the same time, they have a lot of fun!



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