A walk around Jaén

A walk around JaénDue to the carnival festival, we celebrated a bunch of activities related to some typical traditions related to Jaén, and we worked on the artistic and gastronomic aspects to dress our school.

Nursery education chose the “La Mona” located behind the cathedral of Jaén. They had lot of fun and they learned lots of things about other monuments in our city.



Día del Padre 2016

As every year, we have prepared some gifts for Father's Day. Each course of Pre-school and Primary has made a detail with love for their parents. As you can see in the pictures are photo frames, bookmarks, cases, small cars ...

Children left very happy that day, we hope that their parents liked them those gifts that prepared their children thinking about them.

Happy Father's Day!


Peace Day 2016

Peace Day 2016

Día de la paz

Con motivo del día de la paz, los alumnos de Infantil y Primaria han elaborado un mural. Cada alumno ha realizado su símbolo y entre todos han construido un hermoso arcoíris.


Peace Day

On the occasion of the Peace Day, the Pre-school and Primary Education students have prepare a mural. Each student has done their symbol and they together have made up a beautiful rainbow.


Halloween 2015

Halloween was celebrated on October 30th. Pre-school and Primary students decorated their classes and worked on the American Customs which are celebrated on these dates. In this celebration we didn't miss any detail, we had a terrific party enlivened with songs and decorated sweets by our students. Crafts and costumes were very current and our students understood the meaning of the Halloween celebration.



September 26th is celebrated the "European Day of Languages". During these days we have made activities for our students aware of linguistic diversity we have in Europe.


New school year - Inicio de curso

New School YearWelcome everyone and our students! We begin a new school year full of hope and goals to achieve.

¡Bienvenidos a todos y a nuestros alumnos! Empezamos un nuevo curso escolar lleno de ilusión y metas para conseguir.

Las siguientes fotos muestran una parte de la decoración de las aulas para este curso 2015-2016 orientadas al bilingüismo.


Saint Patrick Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The 1st and 2nd Primary students have investigated about the saint Patrick’s celebration. They explained every symbol like the clover, the Elf, the coins…

You can see the photos here.



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